WHW: Found a Home to Train my Feet

Photo by Me!

I live in salt mine country, many of which are still active today. In fact the area where I live has the best salt veins in the country producing the best salt for winter gritting.

Going back a couple of decades before the rise of lorry freight, the area was criss crossed with fright branch lines, many of which are now disused, and/or were ripped up in WWII to smelt down for munitions.

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LEJOG: One Week In

Photo by Sina Sadeqi on Unsplash

One week in and there have been ups and downs. For this to work I must cycle every day. Unfortunately I have missed two days due to fatigue. In hindsight I was foolish really. I should have thought that I’d need a couple of weeks ramp up to get comfortable cycling every single day.

I did two consecutive days, then rested. If I’m honest I used the disruption of routine in having the kids, though I think that did me good.

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First Walk: Trying Out my Walking Boots

Photo by me!

Tried my walking boots that I’d bought but never used a few years ago. They are lightweight and good for narrow feet like mine. The laces also anchor at certain points making them easier to tie.

My feet went in OK which is a good sign as sometimes I have issues with my toes folding under my feet (which is excruciatingly painful). I have no control or strength in my toes to keep them straight.

Tightening them was a little tricky with the laces but this is in part because they are brand new so the material hasn’t become supple with use yet. I ended up with a very tight right foot and a sightly looser left foot round the ankle.

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