Footwear: Not Quite Cracked It, but Close!

I felt really confident with my feet, more than I’ve felt for years and years. I started well. I was walking well, faster than normal with a bit of a longer stride. When I got to the fields I had to think about where I placed my feet with each pace, concentrating more, but the ankle supports were still letting me walk with confidence.

About 2/3 of the way round I came across two very steep steps up off a fast main road on a bend. I really struggled with the first step, managed to get my right foot onto it and used my hand on the second step to help drag me up. I ended up scuffing my left knee and sort of dragging my left foot onto the step. The second step was easier because I could hold onto the iron railings of the fence for stability.

Then I was off again crossing another grass field towards some trees. At about 3/4 of the way round my left foot started to feel funny and I thought my shoe lace had come undone. Looking down, probably one of the worst things that could happen, happened (something that hasn’t happened ever in all the years I’ve been using foot-ups. The part that anchors under my laces had worked itself free.

The reason this is bad is because I have to be seated on, well, a seat or a bed or the stairs to put footwear on, lace up and put the foot-ups in place. It’s impossible for me from sitting on the ground. I just can’t get the leverage. So I had to just put up with it and push on.

Already I could feel a slight drop in my foot which I knew would put strain on my leg. The saving grace was the ankle brace. Although I could feel strain, I was slower, and less stable I took frequent rest (standing) and made it back to the car without causing the excruciating pain I thought would be coming.

Some positives to take from this experience as I think I could have gone further. Now I need to examine footwear and how I’m lacing up the foot-up anchors.

The following link shows the route and elevation.

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