Minor Setback

Usually when this happens I’m bone weary for the whole day and could literally sleep for most of the day. Unfortunately life happens and that isn’t possible.

It’s important that when you are fatigued, not to just push on, because it just makes it worse and the recovery much longer.

So yesterday, I had to take the dog out for a walk though not as far as I’d planned and I had a child to look after. I decided that was enough. I spent quite a bit of time agonising over whether I should just push myself and do my 30 mins on the exercise bike. In the end I decided that recuperation was a better choice.

When I set out on the 80 day challenge to cycle the LEJOG, I made an educated guess to set myself the right time limit. I wanted it to be challenging so set realistic goals, but maybe didn’t factor in fatigue or other things. Looking at it now I wonder whether a 3 month challenge that involves cycling every single day is a little over ambitious.

I spoke to a physio friend and they suggested I give myself a break at weekends. They pointed out that at weekends I have a dog + children to look after and maybe that is enough. Challenges are great for setting and keeping long term goals, but not at the expense of wellbeing.

I think before I re-adjust I’ll give it some more time.

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