First Walk: Trying Out my Walking Boots

The results were interesting. My left foot dropped slightly (toes dropped a little lower) which is likely to lead to tripping. It also means my left foot flicks slightly more at the end of the arc when it sweeps through. My right foot was secured, but very painful round the ankle as my ankles have almost no muscle or flesh around them. It’s skin, then bone or tenden or sinew. Lots of nerves close to the surface. The ankle issue would probably be solved by wearing in the boots.

I decide to leave them as is and go out like that with my boys on one of my favourite local walks which is all woodland. Flat and good paths. I picked a good route I knew would be just over a mile.

Half way round and all is good. Left foot is dropping and I am mindful of that with tree roots. Right foot is still sore round the ankle but manageable.

300 metres later I catch a 1cm high root no more than 10cms wide and 1cm deep sticking out of the ground with the toe of my left foot. I go down like a tree, “timbeeeeeeerrrrrrr”. Boys come over to ask if I’m alright. Other pride, I’m fine.

“So, lesson one, loose round the ankle that causes foot drop is a tripping hazard”

Three quarters round, my right ankle is still sore, but no more than the start. However, my left illiacus, left psaos major, and left abductors are killing me and getting worse with every step. By the time we’re 300 metres away from the car I can barely walk. I’m concentrating on just keeping going, keeping calm and putting one foot in front of the other. We make it to the car and I load the kids up. I can barely lift my left leg into the car but manage and we drive home.

At home I remove the boots and change into my day shoes and it’s instant relief. Still sore but at least I can walk round. Thankfully I was completely recovered within 48 hours (including more cycling).

“Lesson two, foot drop causing increased exertion to lift my leg higher with each step, coupled with lower centre of gravity on my foot is extremely bad”

I look at my fitness app to see how far I walked. Turns out we did nearly 2.5 miles!

“Lesson three, know your distances, going too far, too soon will cause problems and set backs”

At this point I think I’ve leaped two far into foot conditioning. I need to break it down further:

  1. To begin with I need to get used to walking, feet, legs, hips, and mental conditioning
  2. I need to start with below ankle boots that work with my foot-up ankle supports
  3. Once comfortable I need to find a boot that works for me, so go speak to an expert who know’s about the boots they sell
  4. Build up stamina so I can walk the necessary distances in a single day

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