Training: My Feet

Growing up as a walker I had it drummed into me to buy high ankle boots to provide lateral protection from sprain and also, because that’s pretty much all you could buy. As I grew older (and independent) I switched to walking shoes. Now though I have no lateral control of my feet so sprain is a real risk and would end an adventure on the spot.

I wear “Foot-Ups” which have an elastic clip that anchors under the laces then attaches to an ankle wrap, holding my foot, up. This helps prevent me tripping over my feet and any minor lump and gives me confidence to walk. I’ve been wearing them for 12 years. However, they don’t work with over ankle walking boots and don’t provide any kind of lateral support.

When I wear wellies I wear neoprene wraps that both hold my foot up and provide lateral support, they also anchor my foot in my welly. However, wellies are heavy, particularly in the sole, and they lower the centre of gravity for my foot causing triple the effort. For such a long walk they are a non-starter. I have tried the neoprene wraps with walking boots and I simply can’t get my feet into the boots. Another non-starter.

My thoughts are to try over ankle walking boots as they will act like a foot up by securing my feet in a 90 degree position. I have a lightweight pair at home I bought but didn’t use. I’ll try them out and see what the results are.

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