Footwear: Not Quite Cracked It, but Close!

Photo by Me!

So, after yesterdays tremendous success combining my old ankle braces and my foot-ups I pushed the walk further. I added to yesterdays woodland walk by crossing over the farmers fields and running up a cart track that services some housing a few fields over. Doesn’t sound like much but more than doubles the length of the walk. It also adds different walking surfaces and elevation. The point of this is training, so build gradually.

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Minor Setback

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Yesterday I woke up exhausted. The correct term would be fatigued. This is not just being tired and you need to sit down for a bit to recuperate. Fatigue is tiredness on steroids. It’s a common side effect for people with some form of myopathy/dystrophy.

“Fatigue: extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness.”

Fatigue can often feel like someone has taken all of the wind out of your sails and a bit like the world is conspiring against you. This is going to sound really weird, but it’s not something I see coming. It’s like I’m busy walking, minding my own business, then drop off the edge of a cliff. In real terms you’re never certain how much is too much so you just continue life as normal and then one day, BAM, you’ve just face planted.

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WHW: Found a Home to Train my Feet

Photo by Me!

I live in salt mine country, many of which are still active today. In fact the area where I live has the best salt veins in the country producing the best salt for winter gritting.

Going back a couple of decades before the rise of lorry freight, the area was criss crossed with fright branch lines, many of which are now disused, and/or were ripped up in WWII to smelt down for munitions.

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